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Updated: Jun 14

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A FIve-Star Christian Finance Course by Bob and Linda Lotich

Course Review by Randy Petrick, ChFC, RICP

As a Chartered Financial Consultant, I am excited to review the remarkable "True Financial Freedom" course created by Bob and Linda Lotich, which offers a comprehensive and faith-centered approach to personal finance management. Here's my evaluation based on my own forty-five years of studying and teaching Christian and financial subjects:


Content Quality and Relevance

Bob Lotich has a well-established reputation for providing valuable financial advice through his blogs, books, and devotionals, and this course maintains that standard. The course is divided into six segments, each with a video of just over an hour. I have completed the entire course, and it covers all the important topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and giving. Taking the course on my own, I spent about 90 minutes per segment by the time I added in prayer time, time completing the workbook exercises, and time to just think and contemplate.


This course is an excellent learning place for anyone who wants to improve their financial management. The content is practical, actionable, and deeply rooted in biblical principles of money management and stewardship.

In short, "True Financial Freedom" is an exceptional course for Christians who want to learn to manage their finances in accordance with their faith.


Course Structure and Delivery

Cover photo of True Financial Freedom showing Bob and Linda Lotich (the authors) sitting together smiling

The course is designed to accommodate participants of all levels of financial knowledge, starting with foundational concepts and gradually building up to more advanced strategies. Additionally, it utilizes diverse delivery methods, such as videos, worksheets, and personal reflections, to cater to different learning styles.


The accompanying workbook is one of the best aids I've ever seen. It is filled with valuable exercises, session summaries, supporting Bible verses for study, and prayers that help keep participants focused on the course's spiritual underpinnings. The workbook is a valuable resource all on its own.


One of my favorite aspects of the course's structure and delivery is how Bob and Linda (Bob's wife and self-acknowledged Champion Spender) present it together. They share real marital issues and potential conflicts from both a husband-and-wife perspective and a spender-and-saver perspective. Bob and Linda have warm and engaging personalities, making listening to them a fun experience.


Results and Impact

This course will help participants gain valuable skills and insights to manage their finances, including reducing debt, increasing savings, and giving like never before. (Session Five, "Make Eternal Impact," is one of the most inspiring sessions I've ever heard on Giving!)


Will the course have a tangible impact on participants' lives? The answer depends, of course, on the participant. For those willing to go "all in" on the worksheets, exercises, prayers, and other resources offered, I can guarantee you will find True Financial Freedom transformative!

When you cultivate a more profound sense of purpose to underpin your financial choices, all aspects of your life improve exponentially. This course will lead you toward that deeper, more profound purpose.


Participants can expect to witness real and tangible positive changes in their financial and spiritual well-being as they implement the lessons from this course.


Cost vs. Value

Evaluating the cost of any course relative to the value it provides is subjective. A course's value will always vary based on your financial situation and how much course content you implement. Anyone willing to actively engage with the material and apply the lessons offered here will find a high likelihood for economic savings, debt reduction, investment growth, and discovering or enhancing the incredible joy of giving.

Will each person's growth as a steward exceed their initial investment in the course? Absolutely. Potentially by hundreds or thousands of times!



"True Financial Freedom" by Bob and Linda Lotich is an exceptionally well-crafted course that seamlessly blends practical financial advice with Christian spiritual principles. It was designed to be accessible and impactful for a broad audience, from financial novices to those more experienced, and it succeeds beautifully.


Christians will find this course invaluable for managing their finances in ways consistent with their beliefs and glorifying God. It is a gold standard in this learning space.


Finally, if you are a minister, pastor, or other leader of a Christian group, I can't encourage you enough to look at this fantastic course for use with those you shepherd. How wonderful it would be for you to enable them to become better stewards of everything God has entrusted us. I truly believe this course can help make that a reality.


Product page for True Financial Freedom showing the authors Bob and Linda Lotich along with sample pages from their study guide.

Visit TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM. If you scroll down on the landing page, you will find participant reviews, more about Bob and Linda Lotich, and a section of frequently asked questions. You will also find class options for churches and small groups, live sessions for large groups (100+), and a link to take the course as an individual or couple.

DISCLOSURE: When you click to go to True Financial Freedom and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. This compensation is at no cost to you. Enjoy the course!

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