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Your Host, Randy Petrick

Welcome to Words of Abundance, a blog, but also a unique Christian encouragement and resource site. Our God is a God of Abundance! His words can bring you happiness, wellness, restoration, wisdom, contentment, and amazing joy. Creating a life of abundance starts with prayer, study, and quiet contemplation. You will find opportunities for all three as you peruse the site. May God bless your time here.

Your Source for Inspiration, Guidance, and Encouragement

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Books & Our Reviews

Come find blog posts that mention books, blog posts with book reviews, and posts about the Book of Books: the Bible.

INSPIRATION: Our desire is to inspire you to live abundantly, give abundantly, and pray thankfully. When we achieve an integration of our hearts with God’s treasures, we can impact His world in profound ways. A shared practice of prayer brings us together.


INFORMATION: We aim to inform readers about all things abundant. Look to our blog posts to stimulate your curiosity, stretch your thinking, encourage your contemplation, and prompt your praise of our glorious Heavenly Father! 


MOTIVATION: You have an amazing life calling and purpose! We want to help you find it, fulfill it, and enjoy it. Together, we can move out of our comfort zones, progress, and grow. 


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Our Purposes

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Prayer is such a wonderful way to connect deeply and strengthen our relationship with God, our loving Father and marvelous Creator. When we pray, we can discover our purpose, find meaning in our lives, and build an ever more profound bond with the One who offers us constant love and guidance. I recommend it heartily!  –Randy Petrick


Explore a sanctuary of shared prayers, insights, and uplifting messages within our Prayer Section. Find topical prayers, posts about prayers, and book reviews of books about prayer.

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Accountability and Responsibility in Stewarding God's Resources

Christian stewardship is the intentional and faithful management of God's resources, including time, talents, and treasures, for the purpose of serving others and advancing His kingdom.

Financial Education

Financial education enables Christians to be wise stewards of God's resources, learn contentment and practice generosity, make responsible and ethical financial decisions, and provide for their families.

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